Dental Cleanings

Dental Cleanings

What is a dental cleaning?

Dental cleaning is the process of removing the adhered plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth and tooth roots. It is carried out by means of two procedures, namely scaling and root planing.

Scaling: Scaling is a process of removing the tartar deposits on the teeth using an ultrasonic scaling device. It has a metal tip that vibrates at ultrasonic frequencies, thereby dislodging the adhered tartar deposits. The device will be combined with a jet of water, which is used to wash away the removed microbes and debris.

Root planing: Root planing is the process of thoroughly cleaning the tooth roots and smoothening them out to prevent the accumulation of microbes on them. A hook-like scaling tip is inserted between the gums and tooth roots, and the deposited tartar is scraped off. Along with it, the root surfaces will be smoothened out, and the deeper gum pockets will be cleaned by removing the food debris.


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