Night Guards/ Bite Splints

Night Guards/ Bite Splints

What is a night guard?

A night guard or a bite splint is an oral appliance used to keep the teeth from undergoing severe wear due to bruxism. It looks pretty much like an athletic mouthguard used by sportspersons but functions slightly different. The night guard also reduces the stress applied to the tissues around the jaw and TMJ, thereby reducing the severity of TMD.

What is the advantage of a customized night guard?

Night guards can be picked up from a local pharmacy, which would be a one-size-fits-all or a boil-and-bite type. They do the job of protecting the teeth alright but have other drawbacks. They wouldn’t offer the right fit, making them quite uncomfortable to use. With regular use, they could cause an inflammation of the gums and even bring about a change in the alignment of the teeth. But the customized night guards at Foxfield Dental would be worth the investment as they offer seamless comfort and protection.


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